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The health & safety of our staff and customers are of utmost priority during these challenging times.  We understand your concerns and therefore want to be as transparent as possible with our Covid-19 response as we continue to serve the community in the safest and most reliable ways possible. Please read below to review the full precautionary measures Pino's Get Fresh has taken.


    • Our overall store cleaning protocols have been raised beyond the highest standard ​

    • Shopping cart and basket handles, debit pinpads, self-scan checkouts are being sanitized after every use

    • Cashiers use sanitizer between each transaction and department hand washing has been encouraged up to every 15 minutes


    • Plexiglass dividers have been installed at every checkout lane, including customer service, floral, pizza and Starbucks ​

    • Although not mandated, vinyl gloves and masks have been made available to staff to use at their discretion. Many staff members are opting to wear their own facial coverings


    • Starbucks is open for take out orders 8am-10pm

    • Pino's Pizza is open for take out orders 8am-10pm

    • Cake orders are still being accepted 

    • Deli department continues service as usual 

    • Produce department and salad bar continues service as usual

    • Beer can be purchased during all hours of operation 

    • Floral Department remains open, both in-store and for orders & deliveries. 

    • All self-serve stations are closed. This includes individual bread and buns, donuts and olive cart. Donuts are still available in pre-packages of 6. Bulk olives are still available to purchase in pre-packaged containers. 

    • Re-usable bags must be packed by customers.


    • All staff and customers are encouraged to follow the Mandatory Mask Policy as developed by Algoma Public Health. The policy as it applies to Pino's Get Fresh can be viewed below. ​

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